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High Content Keynote & Conference Speaker to Transform, Inspire, Motivate and Enlighten your audiences in Gauteng South Africa.

Why settle for short-term  motivational results, when you can have long-term High Content, inspirational style that’s enlightening, informative and interesting?

Tony Dovale’s Conference Talks cover

  • Resilience for Results
  • Mindset – SWIFT Action
  • Total Teamwork
  • Staff Engagement
  • New Conscious Leadership,
  • Social Media Digital Marketing/SEO,
  •  Science of Happiness@work
  • Appreciative Inquiry for peak performance
  • Real  tribal Leadership Strategies
  • Inner Game & Success Mindsets for Entrepreneurs

Hire Me to Speak, Present, Coach or Facilitate at your next event.

– Trust Building Speakers – Keynote Business Speakers – Hi-Voltage Leadership Talks – Presentation Skills Training – Conferences Team Buildings – Appreciative Inquiry – Blue Ocean Strategies -Conference Ice breakers – REAL Team Building Events – Presentations Coaches – Professional Business Presenters – BEyond Motivational Speakers – Organisational CultureShift – Tribal Leadership

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 Recent Clients : Ekurhuleni Housing Department – Beyond Motivational Speakers. Unisa, SAHRC

Tony Dovale, as a professional business Speaker and provocative keynote speaker, delivers cage-rattling, eye-opening, mind-shifting perspective-challenging public speaking and business presentations that shift perceptions and allow you to see things in a totally different light.

Tony’s studies in Higher Voltage/Ground Leadership, REAL Team Building process, Human Consciousness Levels, Accellerated Trust Building, Appreciative Inquiry Events, Staff Engagement inprovement & AQ/ Resilience and the new science of happiness at work enables him to share profoundly powerful new insights and thought-altering possibilities.

“One of the most thought provoking professional business  speakers I have encountered!” – Clive Stacey (Business Strategist)

As an author of The Action Advantage and a professional keynote business speaker on REAL Leadership, Hi-Voltage Energy,  Happiness @ Work,  Tony is committed to providing you with energizing and inspiring outdoor or indoor conference ice breakers and keynote talks for powerful presentations, effective presenter coaching, REAL team building facilitation, effective speaking workshops, professional business talks, business presentations skills training and conference speaker services, designed to enable you to shift your energy, consciousness, attitudes and potential… to inspire you and your people towards greatness and vastly improved results.

South African motivational business speakers and professional speakers in South Africa can stand alongside the best. If you need interesting ice breakers, Beyond motivational speakers on team building, Engaging Leadership or professional inspirational speakers – check us out.

As your leading business speakers, motivational speakers, catalyst and facilitators for accellerated, positive change, we’re committed to creating and delivering resources, workshops, professional presentations, keynote business talks and professional presenter coaching, to enable you to focus and create transformative results in the most important areas of your life: – Your Destiny, Cause & Calling, – Your Purpose & Passion – Your Health, Your Finances, – Your Relationships, Your wowplace / Workplace.

As your Resilience Coaches and BEyond Motivational specialists our intentions for you are to :

…provide professional presentations & BEyond motivational speaking services. …provide powerful Personal Transformation workshops & Talks. …facilitate Business Transformation Workshops based upon I.N.S.P.I.R.E. …provide Motivational  conference ice breakers and workshop break aways that are unique, energizing and fun.

My Presentations usually incorporate the C.A.S.T.L.E.S  principles of Hi-Vibrational Leadership from L Secretan.

…facilitate leading-edge Executive and Leadership coaching …deliver professional presentations that INSPIRE, ENERGISE, ENGAGE, INFORM & TRANSFORM. …bring Spirit and Soul Values to the workplace. …provide powerful business development strategies to support increasing profits & growing people. …build Resilience, Leadership, Trust and Personal Power …get you to take full responsibility to re-energise and manage your own life?

As Motivational Speakers in Gauteng South Africa, our INTENTION is to deliver professional presentations, COACH, motivate, inspire and SUPPORT you to higher levels of (ROAR’ing) R’esilience, Oneness, Action and Results… to achieve your Dream Lifestyle so you can enjoy life fully and pay-it-forward.

So if you need professional speakers in South Africa or globally, motivational and public speaking, presentation skills coaching or presenter/speaker training, check out our speaker booking form for more information.


Tony Dovale

Professional Keynote Conference Speaker, MC, Presenter, Presentation Coach, Resilience & Trust Catalyst
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Professional Business High Content Speakers with an Inspiring & motivational style

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